jueves, 11 de mayo de 2017

Dear Diamanda

Dear Diamanda. You may not be very sociable and you may be prone to physical isolation, but not to mental or emotional isolation. I feel you more than many people I can touch. Maybe sometimes you lose your manners (which I love), but you care about the people that is important to you many more than a lot of extremely polite people that I know. I have to thank you again for details like this, for your dedication to your followers and for devoting your time in the middle of an international tour to sign or the albums that your fans preordered or a photograph like this that has come to me today. But above all and as you know, I will always have to thank you for helping someone like me who resorted to you looking for help although you didn't know me at all, for giving me just the advices I needed, and for providing me all the information that not even some fucking doctors gave me, in addition to having shown interest in my work since then.

Josu Sein


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